Finding A Hook Up Online – More Popular Than You Think

Finding A Hook Up Online – More Popular Than You Think

This ain’t the 20th century anymore, chief. You’ve got a smartphone, now you have the opportunity to make even hooking up smart. Who would have thought one day you wouldn’t have to go out and date someone for days or weeks before hooking up? All you have to do is find a like-minded individual online, and meet up with them. Hookup apps make that task easier than you’d imagine it to be.

How do you pick the best apps to get laid for you?

You wanna pick the best dating site to get laid, but picking the right app for you usually depends on the demographic you’re after, and where you live. You want teenage chicks, you won’t do good on an app that has a majority of MILFs. In the same vein, If you’re using an app that isn’t popular in your area, you’re gonna have a tough time finding matches. It’s a lot of trial and error, figuring out which apps have the most users in your area, which apps give you the most matches, and so on. The rest is up to user preference. Features you enjoy like one on one video calling, videos inbuilt in the website, and dating games can make or break a hookup app for some people. It’s up to you to find the best ones that suit your purposes. To help you on your journey, here’s a teeny tiny list of 22 of the top hookup websites:

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Ashley Madison

It’s the largest one of the websites to get laid on the internet, with 60 million users. Married, but you wanna get some sugar on the side? Ashley Madison’s is your go-to spot. Discreet hookups are a given on the platform, with anonymity and security being at the forefront. Even if you aren’t married and you want hot chick or a sexy stud to fuck, Ashley Madison can hook you up. They pride themselves on the quality of their matches, and they’ve got the quantity to make sure you end up with more than just one partner. You gotta pay the premium fee to get access to all the features on the site, but it’s worth it for end goal: Getting laid with some of the hottest people in the city.


Fling understands your urgency. You’re here to get some action, not find a meaningful relationship. That’s why signing up takes less than a minute, so you can jump straight into the action. Hell, the name of the website literally means a short and spontaneous sexual relationship. You want no strings attached, wild sex? This is the site to hit up. Especially if you live in the US, UK or Canada, where a majority of the users are, getting laid will never have been so easy. All you gotta do is search for profiles you like, like them, send a message and wait for a response! If you’re lucky enough, they might just message you before you get the chance to hit them up. It’s one of the best sites to get laid with.


It’s the wildly popular social media-esque site Mark Zuckerburg wishes he came up with. There’s no beating around the bush with this one. If you’re looking for the girl or guy you’ll marry and grow old with, this ain’t the spot. Fuckbook’s for the nasty, depraved sluts and studs who just want a hole to fuck or a cock to suck. Getting laid online is made easy with them. All you gotta do is make an account, and hit up chicks. Gotta remember to pay for the premium plan though, cause otherwise you’ll just be window shopping all the cute babes. You’ve also got the upside of searching by fetish, but the downside is it’s pretty basic fetishes. Fuckbook ain’t too spicy, if you catch my drift. If you just want a fun, vanilla hookup though, they’ll hook you up for sure.


Got the urge to get down and dirty, but don’t feel like hitting up the clubs? BeNaughty’s the one stop shop to get your freak on without having to leave the confines of your home. Find a bangable chick, get her into you, and invite her over. You’ve gotten an easy lay without having to spend money on a club entry fee, drinks, and travel. You can like or pass people by swiping right or left on their profiles, similar to many other hookup sites. One of the best features on BeNaughty is the live one on one video calls. When the whole world is under quarantine, you can’t really meet up and fuck each other’s brains out. Use the video call feature, and video sex is a pretty great substitute!


Hot local babes aren’t in short supply on FlirtState. You’ll find all the horny single (or even married) ladies in your state, and it’s just a hop and skip away before you’re in their bedrooms. These chicks don’t want a commitment, just a solid dicking from a real man. Think you can provide that? Instead of a monthly membership, they use a credit system. You pay per message instead of a monthly subscription. Makes sense, right? Instead of paying for a whole month you’re not even sure you’ll use the site for, you just pay for as much as you spend messaging people on the site, and not a penny more. Smart and economical!

FlirtState ( Review


Well designed, and straight to the point. Snapsext revolves around connecting sexually open adults for no strings attached, no emotionally charged sex. It’s created simple enough that anyone can use it, and it’s pretty enough you’ll wanna keep coming back to it. Your success will be the real pulling factor, though. They even have an iOS app, so you busy folks won’t miss out on the fun. If you wanna get started, all you gotta do is create an account, upload a picture, set up your bio and start hitting on the chicks on the discovery page. How many babes do you think you can pull with this app?


Looking for romance? A girl to love forever, bring home to the folks, and raise kids with? Well this ain’t the place to look for her, chief. NoStringsHookup is the spot for naughty chicks to find huge dicks, and men can find all the pussy they’d ever desire. It’s all physical here, and the corny, romantic bullshit all takes a backseat. NoStringsHookup is for those 2AM nights when you’re bored and need a chick to pass the time, and quick. It’s not short on features either. You’ve got access to live accounts, browsing videos, join fan clubs, and even see who’s viewing you. Most of the features are locked to premium accounts, but it’s affordable. NoStringsHookup works on a monthly membership basis instead of credits. The site also guarantees anonymity, in case you’ve already got a significant other, and want some action on the side.


Could it be any more obvious? You wanna get laid online, you’ve got good odds here. It’s discreet and on the rails. No looking around for personality traits on this website. You pick the chicks with the most raw sexual appeal, and message as many as you can. The more that respond, the better. The upsides of the site include filtering by activity and live chat. The site’s membership works on a monthly basis, which is affordable and allows you unlimited access to the website’s features. You can text and like as many people as you can. What are you waiting for? Use it right, and your dick will be sore.


You wanted a hookup site that could link you with desperate, sex craving sluts in your vicinity, and FuckSwipe is here to deliver. Soon as you’ve made an account, fill out the search form to find hookups in your area. You do need a paid account to use the site. The only issue is they don’t have a free trial. Even their 3 day trial will cost you a few dollars. Then again, what’s a few dollars to a high roller like you? You’re on a quest to blow your load over some lucky slut’s face. FuckSwipe is gonna make sure that happens ASAP.


Aside from reminding you of Obi Wan Kenobi’s famous line, WellHello excels in finding thousands of singles (and a few naughty married folks) looking a night of no strings attached fucking. Aside from having the best app to get laid with, tons of users and an extremely well designed site, it’s clear WellHello didn’t cut any budgets. However, you won’t be able to use the website to its full extent without purchasing a membership. On the bright side, there is a one day trial available for one dollar. The membership works on a monthly basis instead of paying for credits. The platform is convenient, and doesn’t falsely advertise. You wanted a quick hookup, and that’s what you’ll get. Just play your cards right.


Raunchy profile pictures, a quick signup, thousands of cum thirsty bitches. JucyDate has the markings of any successful hookup site. The developers knew anyone using their site isn’t here to admire the intricacies of website creation, so they made sure the only things that pop up are the important stuff. The chick’s pictures, bios, how you get matched, your notifications are easy to find. You can filter people out based on preference, and it even shows how close the ladies are to you! You don’t need to worry about travel time if JucyDate can hook you up with a chick living on your block.

JucyDate ( Review


Live in the US? SPdate has almost half of its users in the US, and is a bonafide hookup site. Been aching to bust a nut, but haven’t found a girl to help you out? SPdate will make sure you find the most skilled sluts to empty your aching balls. Best part? It’s mostly free to use SPdate. Not entirely, but your messaging won’t be affected. If you really wanna meet someone though, you’re gonna have to dip in the wallet. On the bright side, SPdate has mobile apps you can use, for both iOS and Android. Picking up chicks on the go has never been easier.


You wanna find a hookup quick? Make an account on Babehunt, play Hot/Not, shoot some chicks a message or two, and check your visitor’s list often. Now, BabeHunt plays by normal hookup site rules, meaning you gotta pay for the full experience. However, unlike other hookup sites, you get a two day trial to check out all the cool features they offer for free. You get to see if the site works for you, and if you’re lucky, you might score a hookup or two in the trial period. Make it a challenge for yourself! Aside from just setting up booty calls and sex partners, you can use the ‘Videos’ feature BabeHunt has, for the nights you don’t feel like going out. Instead, you get to watch all the dirty smut BabeHunt has, and spend your night jacking off to quality porn.


When you wanna get laid, you don’t wanna have to travel across the country in the hopes that some chick will put out. The whole point of LocalHookup is finding you the best hookup partner (or partners, if you’re that kind of player). With a premium membership, you get access to unlimited messaging, save profiles, and even save photos of people you like. The general consensus by users on LocalHookup is folks are here to have light hearted, physical fun, and not get involved in anything serious. This site ain’t it if you’re trying to find the love of your life. If you’re just looking for a lover for the night, however, you might just be in luck.


Xpress takes their hookup platform to the next level. Online hookups aren’t just hookup sites for people who use them frequently like you, stud. So, they gotta be more accomodating. Xpress does this by adding the ‘Xpress TV’, which shows a lot of funny dating advice videos. Finding a hookup isn’t difficult here. It all lies in how you play your cards. Got a profile with lots of pictures and a fun bio? You’ll be messaged day in and day out. If you wanna take initiative, use the amazing user search filters to find your perfect sex partner. Filtering between age, appearance and even their distance from you, the setup to getting hookups isn’t a chore anymore.


For folks looking for a compatible sexual partner, Xmeets can set them up, for a price. This website is one of the elites, and that’s reflected in the price. That also means you won’t be fucking any tramp stamp bitches, only classy sluts on Xmeets. There’s not much a free user can do here, but with a premium account, you’ve got access to all the bells and whistles. You get to view (And create your own) profile videos, which are more appealing than normal photos. Not to mention the standard chat feature, where you can only view received messages if you have a paid account. You’ve even got the option of sending members a virtual gift, to keep the conversation from drying up.


No one wants to travel across the entire city to just tap some ass. There might be dudes desperate enough to do that, but you ain’t one of them. You’re a stud, and you know you can score chicks in your neighborhood. That’s why you use FreeLocalDates. You got all these horny, single sluts in your general vicinity, and FreeLocalDates serves them to you on a silver platter. Who knew the secret to quick and easy sex would be to make an account on the local dating platform? It narrows all your matches down to people in your area, and lets you pick from the cream of the crop. Easy to navigate, and has all the bells and whistles like filtering by age or other preferences, so your hookup can be a fun and memorable one.


On the hunt for a good lay? WetHunt has got your back. You’re not even forced to purchase a premium membership to use this site. You can message members as much as you want for free. With a premium account, however, you get access to their sister site SPDate, and you get to view the full profiles and pictures of other members. Their memberships are on a monthly basis, and they also charge a one time fee to verify your age. Good to know you won’t be caught up with a minor saying she’s 18, right? If you’re always on the move, WetHunt’s got an Android app that’ll come in handy. What’s not to like? Get on your hookup search now.

Adult Friend Finder

The name suggests friends, but the things the two of you do won’t be normal for friends. Adult Friend Finder is a primetime spot to score hookups and emotion free sex. Ain’t no worries of attachment or hidden clauses with the people on this site. Everyone on Adult Friend Finder knows they’re just in it for the lust and fulfilling that carnal desire. Feelings take a backseat here.


It’s in the name. You boot it up, scroll through profiles till you find one you like, and hit them up. With enough luck, you’ll score a booty call, and you’ll be clapping cheeks till dawn. It’s the simplicity of the site that sells it. It focuses just on securing the hottest hookups with the sexiest chicks for you. Wanna create a premium account? Use one of the anonymous payment methods so the family can’t track you down. Membership’s on a monthly basis, and you can send unlimited messages in that time. Make the most of it, and you might get more sexcapades than you’ll know what to do with.


Literally sex made easy to acquire. I know how much of a hassle it can be to find people to hit on. You gotta look up bars and shit, risk getting drinks thrown at your face. On EasySex, you sign up, browse chicks (or dudes) till you find a few you’re into, and shoot them a couple texts. Now you play the waiting game. None of the hassle, and all the benefits. Hey, either way you’ll end up in a stranger’s apartment wrestling under the covers, right? EasySex makes it way more comfortable, and you can set up a sex meetup at any time of the day with ease.


Normal dates end with a kiss on the cheek. NaughtyDates? They end with a full fledged hardcore porn session between the sheets. Chances are, neither of you plan on seeing each other again after this night, so the both of you will fuck like there’s no tomorrow. You’ve got plenty of people using the site in the US, Europe and even Australia, so getting a quick lay isn’t gonna be an issue no matter where you are. Creating an account takes barely 5 minutes, and you even get 5 free chats when you first register, so you get to test the waters. After that, you gotta be a paid member to send messages freely, or make use of the site’s other features.

Fuckbook ( Review

Why are people using hookup sites to get laid?

Online dating is the new meta, and by extension, using apps for getting laid. You don’t have to leave your comfort zone to get laid anymore. Doesn’t matter where or when, the next steamy session is at your fingertips, and you have all the power to make or break it. Who wouldn’t succumb to a siren call like that? You might think I’m exaggerating, but you’ll see the exact reasons why more people are using online hookup sites these days as you read the rest of the article.

What’s finding a hook up partner offline like?

  • You gotta go out into the city to find one, usually at night. That means hitting up chicks in the club or bar, and often risking rejection in front of crowds of people.
  • If you work the night shift, you’re pretty much fucked. Good luck finding hookup partners in the daytime.
  • If you’re socially anxious or introverted, you have to go out of your comfort zone to even have a chance at getting laid.
  • A lot of nights, you’ll hit on people and have no luck. Ends up with you going home alone and having wasted a lot of money on drinks.

What’s finding hookups online like?

  • It doesn’t matter where you are, you can use the sites to set up your next hookup. On the bus, at work, in the bathroom, or even before you go to sleep.
  • Timing isn’t an issue anymore. Night shift or day shift, you’ll always find users online and ready to meet up.
  • You’re never put on the spot or in uncomfortable situations, because you aren’t interacting with ladies while other people are watching you.
  • You can hit on dozens of chicks at once, and at least a few of them are bound to get the hots for you.

How can you tell if a hookup app is for you?

Casual sex online isn’t for everyone, but everyone should definitely try it out at least once. You won’t know for sure without getting the experience, but if you fall into any one of the following, you’ll definitely love hookup apps:

  • You don’t feel lust or desire when you look at your wife/girlfriend anymore. You’re bored of them, or they just don’t try to be sexy anymore. Why struggle with them when there’s hundreds of girls who will really beg for your touch?
  • You wanna experience the life of a true stud. Fucking a different chick each night is something only legendary dudes can achieve, and using a hookup app brings you one step closer. Maybe you’ll get the ‘Perfect Week’ every guy chases after.
  • Busy men don’t have time for relationships, and you’re a busy man. Still wanna fuck some sluts though, right? Hookup apps will find you chicks who just want action for the night and will be out your door in the morning.

Check out some tips to hookup with people on dating sites

You might be using the best dating app to get laid, but you gotta know the intricacies of talking to a chick online, just like in real life. If you go charging in like a bull, you might scare them off. Here’s what you’ve gotta do to rein those babes in:

Your profile needs to be on point

Your pictures first. For casual encounters, chicks are gonna notice them before anything else, so put effort in them. If you have a single picture of you holding a dead fish or standing above a dead animal with a gun, you’re gonna drive girls away. Trust me, they hate that shit and make fun of it. Well fitted clothes, meaning it shouldn’t be oversized unless it’s fashionably oversized. It’s a tough line to walk, but check out a few fashion blogs and you’ll get what I mean. Next, your bio. Chicks ain’t gonna fuck you just because you look pretty. You need to be intellectually attractive too. That means being interesting. Talk about your passions, your hobbies, interesting things you do in your free time, and your work. This gives you a base for your conversations too.

Don’t jump the gun about hooking up

Girls love foreplay, even if it isn’t about sex. If your first message is about how you’re gonna eat her out and dick her down, she’s not gonna message back. Approach slow and methodically. You wanna talk about her, stuff she’s into, and hopefully find a restaurant or some fun activity she likes doing. That’s your way into taking her out. Once she’s out with you, it’s just conversation, a few songs and beers before you’re alone in a room together.

Know how to be flirty

You don’t wanna be too direct, but at some point you need to talk about fetishes and what you two are into. It’s what’ll decide if you’re compatible or not. If she starts the topic, you don’t need to worry about being crude. Otherwise, you need to tread gently and test the waters to see if she’s comfortable talking about that yet.

What’s the upsides of the get laid sites?

You must be curious about why everyone’s switching over to online hookups and ditching the traditional ‘hit on chicks at bars until something sticks’ method. You’d be surprised to see the answers are so obvious, but I’ll let you in on it anyway:

It caters to your antisocial nature

Everyone has those nights when they’re horny as hell, but they can’t bring themselves to go out and deal with the noise and crowds. Now you tap the screen of your smartphone a couple times, and all of a sudden some bimbo is coming over to your apartment to suck your dick. You never had to set foot out of your apartment,

Day and night time doesn’t matter anymore

Work the night shift? You know the pain of working all night, and not finding anyone to chat up and take home in the day cause they’ve all gone to work. With a hookup app, you don’t have to worry about that. Now, you can just browse through the app to see all the other night shift workers who’ve gotten off work at the same time as you, or just people who happen to be free during the day. If they’re online, they’re available. You get to stop missing out on all the action all the day-job people have had, all because of online hookup apps.

No more getting caught

Sneaking an affair around ain’t an easy task. Just meeting someone to have an affair with is a hassle! What if she knows your wife, or notices the picture in your wallet, and ends up telling her? Well, here’s a solution, genius: Find someone who’s on their husband. You both get to fuck, while your spouses live in blissful harmony. You can find people looking for affairs on hookup sites, and you never have to risk getting caught because they’ll be as discreet as you. It’s a total game changer.

In Conclusion

Adjusting to the new realm of dating isn’t easy, but by god is it useful. You don’t have to feel out of place when you’re hitting on younger chicks in public, because the ones with daddy issues will message you right off the bat. The world’s moving further into being digitized, and it makes sense hooking up falls there too. On the bright side, it isn’t extremely difficult to get used to, and the potential is endless. Getting laid is easier than before, and your ancestors wish they could have taken your spot.

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